Trump said to study General Pershing. Here’s what the president got wrong.
“There is absolutely no evidence” the general dipped bullets in pigs’ blood, a leading Pershing historian said.
Alex Horton • Read more »
Barcelona reels under coordinated attacks that claim more than a dozen lives
A van plowed through pedestrians in the heart of the city as police foiled gunmen just to the south.
James McAuley • Read more »
A Nazi salute, KKK hoods and Trump: Magazine covers after Charlottesville are jarring
The president collects covers, so it will be hard to pretend that he doesn’t care about these images.
Callum Borchers • Read more »
Now you can see what Donald Trump sees every time he opens Twitter
@trumps_feed shows you what the president sees when he opens the app.
Philip Bump • Read more »
Three fundraising giants cancel plans for galas at Mar-a-Lago
The defections expose a key business vulnerability at President Trump’s Palm Beach club.
Drew Harwell • Read more »
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Tina Fey urges Americans: Stay home from neo-Nazi rallies. Eat a sheet cake instead.
Shortly after Tina Fey’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live Weekend Update,” the hashtag “sheetcaking” began circulating on social media.
Samantha Schmidt • Read more »
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Why John Kelly can’t tame the White House chaos
“I don’t believe Trump colluded with the Russians, because I don’t believe he colludes with his own staff,” quipped Sen. Lindsey O. Graham.
James Pfiffner • Read more »
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