Today, we look at how a USAID meeting went awry, George Washington and Robert E. Lee are different, and Steve Bannon left the White House.
TORTURED STRATEGY: Inside President Donald Trump’s tortured search for a winning strategy in Afghanistan, Dan de Luce, Elias Groll, Jenna McLaughlin, Jana Winter, and Paul McLeary report: Read more
LIES, LIES, LIES: Trump said former FBI Director James Comey lost the confidence of the rank and file. Newly released government documents prove otherwise, Lawfare’s Susan Hennessey and Benjamin Wittes write: Read more
MESS OF A MEETING: A recent meeting between U.S. officials and NGO leaders to discuss the future of foreign assistance went horribly wrong, FP’s Emily Tamkin and Robbie Gramer report: Read more
FALSE EQUIVALENCE: George Washington helped created the United States of America; Robert E. Lee betrayed it, FP’s Max Boot writes: Read more
BYE-BYE BANNON: Trump’s Rasputin has left the building. That doesn’t mean he still won’t be whispering in the president’s ear, Elephants in the Room’s Dov Zakheim writes: Read more