I’m excited to let you know that after 60,000 people, including you, signed my petition asking Squarespace to stop hosting white-supremacist and neo-nazi websites, the company agreed yesterday to take down sites like Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute.

Thank you for signing my petition. This wouldn’t have happened without you.

Just a few months ago, Squarespace told me that they wouldn’t take down these hate groups’ websites and even went as far to say they strongly supported “… empowering our users to share their opinions, even if those opinions are controversial or unpopular.”

But after the terrible events in Charlottesville, nearly 40,000 people signed my petition in one day. And because Change.org’s petition tool allowed me to add Squarespace’s Twitter handle into the petition title, each time someone signed and shared on Twitter, they were tweeting directly at Squarespace! After intense pressure from all of you, Squarespace agreed to take action.

I’m proud of what we accomplished, and there’s still more work to be done. In Fairfax, County Virginia, just two hours from Charlottesville, there’s a group of students and alumni working to change the name of JEB Stuart High School, which was named after a Confederate general in response to the desegregation of schools. Please sign their petition.

Our success with Squarespace shows that many voices can make a difference. Thank you again for speaking up, and keep up the good work!

Joseph Brown

PS: The team at Change.org helped me reach you with this petition. The work they do, and the free petition website they provide, is funded by their membership program. Please consider becoming a Change.org member to make more victories like this one possible.