Yesterday I answered so many questions from a 32-yr old young and healthy woman.  She is a vegan who exercise often, was heart broken and still feeling the blues.

We have to connect with others, find love and purpose every day and bless each other. I pray that God’s light energy be with all of us.

Here are her questions and my tips/suggestions/experience:


Avoid sugar and dairies and also add apple cider vinegar in your water, drink raw carrot juice, and add Vitamin B complex , zinc and Vitamin  C in your supplements.

To treat vaginitis, also known as a yeast infection, the University of Maryland Medical Center recommends douching with 1 to 2 tbs. of white vinegar in 1 pt. of water for 10 to 14 days. The vinegar creates a more acidic environment which can be inhospitable to vaginal yeast.


Connect with others, volunteer, learn dancing and socialize. Do eat happy foods such as eggs, yams, and other whole foods.

Pregnancy scare

She took the after morning pill to prevent pregnancy after the breakup since she was with a best friend. So I told her that during stress, the brain cannot balance the sexual hormones that it is difficult to concieve. Taking Vitamin C , 6000 mg every day for 2 weeks after sexual intercourse can make the uterus inhospitable for conception.


Count day 1 as first day of menstruation and between day 8 to 14, check the mucus that comes out of your OS and if it is stretches 2 cm and egg white in consistency, you are fertile so avoid sex. Usual fertile days are day 11 to day 14.

Women’s health, emotion and bodies

We have to take care of our bodies and hopeful that we will meet the person in the future that is worth our care and love. We give too much because we have this mothering hormones. We cannot control others, but we can control ourselves. Being happy and positive can bring joy to yourself and others.  Be grateful of what you have and do not worry about little things and enjoy the moment. Reach out to others, volunteer and make a difference.



From Dr. Shiroko Sokitch

What does it mean to you to be Truly Healthy? For most it means having an exciting life filled with love, success, and vibrant aliveness. If this is your wish, I am your doctor.

I teach the 7 Keys to Accelerated Healing – so that you can have an amazing life.
1. Love, don’t fear your body
2. Listen to your body
3. Take care of your physical health – by keeping your brain, hormones, immune system, digestion,and circulation in balance
4. Take care of your lifestyle – eat right, exercise, use the right supplements
5. Become aware of your emotional/spiritual connection to your body,
6. Never give up, be patient and persistent in your quest for health.
7. Acceptance – Be peaceful with what is.

Feel more happy, satisfied, healthy, and successful in your life. I am an expert at helping you find easy and comfortable ways to improve your health.

My unique blend of Chinese and Western medicine allows me to see you as a whole person. Helping you to find what it takes to heal your body in a balanced way.

I’m an MD/acupuncturist blending Chinese and Western medicine for over 20 years. I have been in practice in Sonoma county for 21 years. Before that I practiced 10 years of Emergency Medicine in various hospitals in Seattle and California.

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