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Email Connie at to borrow the Phamanex scanner to measure anti-oxidant levels of your patients. The biophotonic scanner uses Raman Spectroscopy and is created by NIH. We can then tailor fit scanner certified and resets 92% of gene expression nutrition protocols.

Grow black hair, sleep like a baby, reduce skin allergies, improve eye health, and get the endurance you need with high anti-oxidant quality pharma-based supplementation aside from whole foods of fruits and vegetables.  The scan is a 60 seconds test, non-invasive using a portable spectroscopy, validated by science and other institutions such as NIH and Yale.

This week two bay area doctors will demonstrate eye health anti-oxidant biomarker tools.

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Can you turn back the clock by knowing how genes are expressed with the use of nutrition (pharmaceutical grade supplementation)?

Watch the power of measuring outcomes in the arena of nutrigenomics in a 5-min video by Dr Oz in YouTube.  See Dr Oz Pharmanex scanner score.

Do not wait for inflammation to creep in and damage your eyes, your heart, liver and all body cells. Prevent it now before it is too late.

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