Escalating feud, Trump blames McConnell, Ryan for upcoming ‘mess’ on debt ceiling
President Trump’s relationship with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in particular has deteriorated in recent weeks, with the president blaming his party’s senators for failing to pass health-care legislation this summer.
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The Fix • Analysis
Political frenemies? 10 reasons McConnell and Trump’s relationship is on the rocks.
Just seven months after the GOP took full control of Washington, the Senate leader isn’t even talking with his party’s president.
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Analysis: Can Trump actually shut down the government over wall funding?
What would it take for President Trump to actually force a government shutdown? As congressional staffers will tell you, it’s complicated.
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Analysis: Trump’s list of accomplishments isn’t as long as the tally of what he’s undone
Since Jan. 20, Trump’s administration has enthusiastically and systematically undone or uprooted rules, policies and tools that predated his time in office. Here’s a list of those changes, roughly organized by subject area.
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Interior secretary recommends Trump alter at least three national monuments, including Bears Ears
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s recommendation that President Trump alter at least three national monuments established by his predecessors will likely reshape federal land and water protections and is certain to trigger major legal fights.
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These are the sailors lost from the USS John S. McCain
The collision Monday between the destroyer and an oil tanker near Singapore left five Navy sailors injured and 10 missing. Of the missing, the Navy has found the remains of one sailor in the confines of the ship.
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Strengthening Harvey forecast to slam Texas coast as first major hurricane in U.S. since 2005
An incredible amount of rain, exceeding 20 inches in some areas, is likely as the storm is predicted to stall and unload torrential downpours for four to six straight days.
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Judge orders tech company to release user data from anti-Trump website
“This action will cause Web users to worry that the government will be monitoring every site they visit,” said an attorney for DreamHost Inc., who also argued that the order would include info on people beyond those involved in violent Inauguration Day rioting — the targets of the case.
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Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods begins Monday — and it starts with lower prices
Shoppers will see an immediate markdown in prices on a number of items at Whole Foods, and the store will eventually offer special discounts and benefits to Amazon Prime members.
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His girlfriend was killed on live TV. Now he’s running in one of Virginia’s most competitive races.
Chris Hurst, left, is a political novice, but a local celebrity with a tragic backstory. His opponent is Del. Joseph R. Yost, a Republican who has represented the 12th District since 2011 and is from an old pioneer family.
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‘My pipe dream finally came true’: Mass. woman claims the second-largest Powerball jackpot ever
Mavis Wanczyk, the lone winner of the $758.7 million jackpot, called into work “and told them I will not be coming back.”
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Under 50? You still haven’t hit rock bottom, happiness-wise.
For those under the age of 50, if you’re having a particularly bad day, statistically speaking things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.
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Florida prepares to execute a death-row inmate for the first time in a year-and-a-half
The lethal injection set for this evening is believed to be the first time in the modern era that Florida intends to execute a white person convicted of killing a black person.
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