July 17, 2017

“Alzheimer’s and the 15-Year Window”—Slow the progression and maybe even halt the symptoms

New research shows that doctors can detect signs of the disease earlier than ever, giving patients more than a decade to slow—or maybe even stop—symptoms.
March 02, 2017

4 Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease That Have Nothing To Do With Memory Loss

Once mom or dad reaches a certain age, it’s easy to get swept away by worries about memory loss. Every time she wonders where she put her keys or…

June 09, 2017

Why I Got Tested For The Alzheimer’s Gene In My 30s

I never really considered my brain health until I was in my early 30s. I had always been pretty sharp when it came to memory, and most people in my…

May 16, 2017

Maria Shriver Weighs In On Alzheimer’s Surprising Stats Concerning Women

Every 66 seconds, someone in the US develops Alzheimer’s disease. Two-thirds of those people are women. Journalist and activist Maria Shriver watched…

January 05, 2016

5 Surprising Alzheimer’s Triggers

Whether you’re struggling with Alzheimer’s yourself or watching a loved one live with it, there is no debating it’s an awful disease. And…

April 14, 2017

5 Proven Strategies For Keeping Your Mind Sharp And Fending Off Alzheimer’s

Maybe you know the unsettling feeling. You just walked purposefully into the kitchen, but upon arriving you suddenly have no clue what you intended to…

October 31, 2016

This Diet Change Could Save You From Alzheimer’s

Seven years ago, Myriam Marquez was driving home when she came to a four-way stop. She wasn’t far from her own driveway; she had stopped at this…

December 28, 2016

This Is What It’s Like To Care For A Parent With Alzheimer’s

In my early 20s I learned that my mother, Isabel, then 60, had Alzheimer’s. It was frightening and my first reaction was to cry uncontrollably….

November 21, 2016

8 Things You Need To Know About The Common Form Of Dementia That’s Not Alzheimer’s

Most of us are familiar with Alzheimer’s, but there’s another form of dementia that deserves just as much attention: Lewy body dementia, a…

Connie’s comments: Prevent inflammation, exercise,sunshine,whole foods and avoidance of chronic stress and  toxins can prevent or delay the progression of Alzheimer’s.

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