Donald Trump’s longtime adviser Roger Stone gave an appalling interview to TMZ yesterday.

He said that any Member of Congress who attempted to impeach Trump would be “endangering their own life.” He said that if Trump were impeached, “You will have a spasm of violence in this country, an insurrection like you’ve never seen.” He ended by saying that he wasn’t calling for violence — merely predicting it.

Where to begin? This implicit threat against Members of Congress and others who support impeachment is absolutely unacceptable. An embrace of violence is never appropriate, but at this fragile time — two months after the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and two weeks since Charlottesville — it’s downright dangerous.

Two Members of Congress have introduced articles of impeachment against Trump and a third Member has announced he will soon do so. We need to show that we support them in the face of Stone’s threats. Will you add your name to show Rep. Al Green, Rep. Brad Sherman, and Rep. Steve Cohen that you have their backs?

Despite what Stone thinks — or threatens — the momentum for an impeachment investigation is only growing. In addition to the three Members of Congress backing articles of impeachment, a recent poll shows that 40% of voters — up from 30% in February — think Trump should be impeached.

Stone’s answer to this shift is to predict violence. We need to shut him down and show that this is NOT acceptable. Will you add your name to stand with Rep. Al Green, Rep. Brad Sherman, and Rep. Steve Cohen as they continue to push for an impeachment investigation?


John Bonifaz
President, Free Speech For People

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