Today, we look at the Defense Department admitting it underreported troop numbers in Afghanistan, why Israel froze suicide drone exports to Azerbaijan, and why the FBI and the Justice Department should not overreact to leaks.
BY HIS OWN HAND: President Donald Trump’s next self-inflicted crisis will be a nuclear Iran, FP’s Jeffrey Lewis writes: Read more
REJECTED RELIEF: In turning down Mexico’s offer of disaster aid, Trump chose ideology over helping victims of Hurricane Harvey, Dan Restrepo writes: Read more
AFGHAN PUZZLE: After months of providing misleading information, the Pentagon admits there are thousands more U.S. troops in Afghanistan than previously reported, FP’s Paul McLeary writes: Read more
SUICIDE MISSION: An Israeli company is accused of targeting the Armenian military while testing a suicide drone it was selling to Azerbaijan, FP’s Kavitha Surana writes: Read more
SURVIVING TRUMP: We should not confuse national security leaks, which should be prosecuted, with leaks of policy differences or allegations of wrongdoing by whistleblowers, which should be dealt with through administrative sanctions, Lawfare’s Jeffrey H. Smith writes: Read more