An American tourist gave the Nazi salute in Germany — so a stranger beat him up, police say
The American man was “severely drunk,” according to police.
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Local • Perspective
Trump lit the torches of white supremacy in Charlottesville. We must extinguish them.
The president gave the racists permission to take off their hoods. Even after the violence Saturday in Virginia, he refused to condemn them by name. But we can.
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Trump babbles in the face of tragedy
Charlottesville proved Trump incapable of one of the president’s primary jobs.
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One dead as car strikes crowds amid protests of white nationalist gathering in Charlottesville; two police die in helicopter crash
One driver was taken into custody after the crash. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said he had a message for the white nationalists: ‘Go home.’
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White House doubles down on Trump’s Charlottesville comments, ignores calls to directly confront white supremacy
Trump did not single out white nationalists in his condemnation of the weekend violence in the Virginia city.
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Right Turn • Opinion
Enough of the Confederate statues, the alt-right heroes and Trump’s moral idiocy
Trump gave white nationalists encouragement. Now he cannot denounce them.
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Who is Kim Jong Un and what will he decide to do?
The world knows very little about North Korea’s supreme leader.
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PostPartisan • Opinion
These are your people, President Trump
They were speaking your language, vomiting your sentiments, acting out what animates you from within.
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Progressives are building outside of the Democratic Party to win in 2018
Just as the Tea Party complemented the work of the Obama-era GOP, progressives hope to build organizations to turn out voters who might be turned off by Democrats.
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Think things will be rosy for Democrats in 2018? Not so fast.
Democratic hopes could be undermined by a good economy and structural obstacles that have grown worse since 2006 gains.
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5 dead after FDA-approved obesity treatment that places silicone balloon in stomach, agency says
All deaths happened within a month of the procedure, the FDA said in a letter earlier this week to health-care providers. However, what role the balloons played, if any, in the deaths has not been determined.
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Police in Charlottesville criticized for slow response to violent demonstrations
Beatings, fights broke out in park before White Nationalist rally.
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The Post’s View • Opinion
What a presidential president would have said about Charlottesville
Once again, we offer a wishful correction to Mr. Trump’s sad record.
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Marshawn Lynch takes a stand with Colin Kaepernick — by sitting during the national anthem
Lynch had expressed his support for Kaepernick taking a knee during the National Anthem.
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Exercise does so much for you. Why won’t it make you lose weight?
Weight loss keeps coming back to calories: You have to cut them to lose the pounds.
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