Write to your Congress member: Protect DACA youth from deportation.

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This week, Donald Trump rescinded DACA. Shortly after, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that if asked, they will turn over private information from DACA recipients to ICE.

800,000 undocumented immigrant youth are DACA recipients. Now, all of the information they provided upon applying for DACA — including where they live, work, and go to school — can be used against them. All ICE has to do is request it.

If you agree that this is an egregious abuse of power, write a letter to your Congress member now.

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This is horrifying — a program that was created to protect youth from deportation may now be used to facilitate deportation. Undocumented immigrant youth trusted the federal government with their personal information, and now the government has broken that agreement.

USCIS, the agency that handles DACA, said they wouldn’t proactively hand over DACA recipients’ information to ICE. But as soon as ICE asks, they have the power to deport 800,000 undocumented youth.

This isn’t over. Congress can take action to secure permanent protection for undocumented youth by passing a clean version of the DREAM Act and preventing DHS from giving DACA recipients’ information to ICE.

Write a letter to your Congress member now to demand they protect DACA youth from deportation. Congress must ban DHS from sharing information from ICE.

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In solidarity,
Sarah Hogg, Daily Kos