1. Treat clients and care team as family with professionalism, integrity and dignity.
  2. Hygiene must be observed to prevent urinary tract infection and other inflammation/infection. Wipe from front to back, groom and clean clients well. Podiatrists are responsible for cutting nails but we can do other grooming.
  3. Exercise, sunshine and massage. These go together for strength. Most clients are bed bound, whell chair or chair bound. Massage in one motion (downward or upward). Press gently as some of their meds like aspirin and most acidic medications are damaging their inside tissues.
  4. Feed them in small and soft meals often. Hydrate with less sugar and add cranberry or their favorite drink, team, ginger, lemon, honey.  Cook soup and warm dishes, soft and nutritious.
  5. Maintain temperature suited for them, guide them well when using walker or any movement. Take care of your body when helping them transfer from bed to wheelchair and whenever you move them.
  6. There are many more tricks. I can monitor your caregiving experience. Connie 408-854-1883

  7. Avoid chronic illness: dehydration, constipation, UTI, pneumonia and others with whole foods rich in garlic, onions, lemon grass, lemons, greens, yellow colored foods and supplementation from:http://www.clubalthea.pxproducts.com  Choose AGELOC products

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