5x more antioxidants in Okinawan diet of sweet potatoes and low calorie diet

My grandma during World War II would run away in hiding with her seven children from the Japanese soldiers carrying a pot full of cooked-boiled sweet potatoes and cooked chicken adobo. It is an important food among the Filipinos and Japanese, especially the folks in Okinawa. The Okinawan diet with Sweet potatoes have 5x more antioxidants than other diet. I sometimes cook sweet potatoes with skin on in the microwave for 3min. How do you increase your antioxidant levels? Eat colored fruits and veggies especially sweet potatoes.

Dr Bernard Jensen cured the skin disorders of his patients with a soup rich in root veggies with their skin on (sweet potatoes, turnips, carrots,etc).

Get tested on your anti-oxidant levels with Pharmanex scanner. Email Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com to be coached on diet suited to your genes, physical and stress levels and daily needs.

sweet p

sweet potatoes


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