As I am taking care of a 90 yr old with Dementia, I noticed anxiety issues at night. I calmed her with whole foods, massage, hugs, safe environment and consistent in home senior care. I ensured that the room temperature is just right, changed her diapers on time and fed her whole foods on time. I give her melatonin and whole foods of soups with complete protein, fats and carbs (rich in magnesium and calcium). I warm her body with massage oil of coconut oil and ginger. She is one of the few seniors who do not take anti-anxiety medications. I give her free space as she is at times combative, an early Dementia state.  Wish her podiatrist comes soon as she has long nails. In the morn as my shift ends, I kiss her forehead and say I love you and see you next week and she answers, “maybe”.

Connie Dello Buono




Keeping Your Mind And Body Healthy As You Get Older

By Marie Villeza

You’ve done it. You have spent decades working hard, building a life for you and your family, and earning your way in the world. Now it’s time to retire and relax in your golden years.

Relax? Who has time for that?

These days, retirement is much more than going to some community in Florida. You’re active, busy, and doing all kinds of things. While you enjoy this life, you need to pay attention to the health needs of your mind and body. You’re going to face some unique challenges as a senior, so here are some tips to help you stay fit.

Figure 1. Senior meditation and relaxation

Image Source: Pixabay

Pay Attention To What You Eat

When you were young, you could eat all the fast food, carbs, and fats you wanted, and your body could handle it. But that was when your body ran much more efficiently. These days, your metabolism has changed — and all that fast food is beginning to catch up to you.

That’s why you need to make nutrition a priority in your senior life. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some ice cream or french fries on occasion, you have to eat better on a regular basis. Take a multivitamin designed especially for seniors each day. If you need it, take extra calcium and vitamin D to keep your aging bones strong.

You also need to worry about weight loss. Many seniors start to lose too much weight. To combat this but in a healthy way, make sure you are eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein.

Two Senior Problems: Pain & Memory

Everyone can have problems with eating healthy, but there are two problems that are particular to growing older: pain and memory.

Older adults face pain-generating medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and hypertension more than other age groups. That’s just a fact of getting old. But there are things you can do to lessen or avoid chronic pain. Stay active, and get plenty of exercise that improves your flexibility. You can also use art therapy to reduce stiffness and inflammation in the fingers, hands, and arms.

In fact, art therapy can even help with memory loss. Your body isn’t the only thing that needs exercise to stay fit. You need to keep your mind active as well. Art activities like painting, drawing, and sculpting help keep your mind sharp. Music, puzzles, and even games can do that as well. As you train your brain to keep active, your memory and cognitive skills can stay strong.

Keeping Happy

But your mind is more than a tool to use. It regulates your thoughts and mood. And when you start getting older, your happiness can be a problem.

Depression is not a normal part of the aging process, yet many seniors have problems with it, and unhealthy habits to cope. That’s because they’re facing many losses: mobility, flexibility, purpose, even friends and family. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fight it.

One key is to maintain your friendships and social activities. Sure, those activity groups online or at retirement centers might sound a bit silly, but they help you stay happy. That’s because humans are social creatures; we need to interact with others. Instead of sitting around most of the day, take some classes at a local college or park district. Go online and join groups. Even finding a hobby you can share with others is worthwhile.

Entering into retirement is a big transition. And for many, that much change can be overwhelming. That’s why you need to take a few extra steps to maintain your mind and body’s health. Make sure you’re eating well, getting exercise, and being social to make your golden years truly golden.