Medicare reimbursement rules

Under new Medicare reimbursement rules, cognitive and functional assessments and care planning for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairment are covered. The Alzheimer’s Association has created a toolkit for physicians with materials on assessing older adults’ functioning, the severity of their condition, neuropsychiatric symptoms, their safety at home and in outside settings, and the kind and extent of available caregiving support.

Alzheimer’s disease

Email your suggestions on caregiving, senior safing homes, whole foods and supplementation, exercise and other support and resources for Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairment health issues.

Wellness assessment

We have nutrition testers for doctors to include as one of their toolkits to encourage families to up intake of colored whole foods and quality supplementation to fight inflammation. Email
See Dr Oz Pharmanex scanner in YouTube.


Caregiving to provide help and respite care for families

Email your info to to be added in the list of resources per cities.