Sandwich gen caregiving roles and costs in 1999 and 2017

Today, sandwich generation still do the same roles and same health issues when taking care of their parents. Costs are a little higher. There is In Home Support Services (IHSS) for low income families.  Some companies allow more family leave.  There is the smart phone that facilitate coordination among care teams from caregivers to family members. And other gadgets. But human caregiving, hugs, kisses and massage are the most important component of caregiving. Bed ridden seniors need care and attention.  Caregivers , families and care teams must unite to remove obstacles in caregiving and to facilitate a team that can easily respond to the needs of home bound seniors with Alzheimer, Parkinson , Dementia, Stroke and other chronic health issues.

What do you think should be added as care tools to care for home bound seniors?

In 1999, Metlife did a survey of caregiving costs and roles.

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