Un-medicated 92 yr old with Dementia

Some seniors forgo over medication to no medication and are thriving at home. With common remedies for arthritis from massage oil (ginger, turmeric), nutrition to supplementation.

Unnecessary tests

Approximately $200 billion is spent every year on healthcare services in the U.S. that provide little value to patients. A Health Affairs study published in April found only a 4% decrease in low-value back imagining 2.5 years after the Choosing Wisely campaign launched. Another study published in JAMA Internal Medicine of seven Choosing Wisely recommendations found only two recommendations had “modest” decreases in usage.

The extensive use of low-value services persists even as the healthcare industry has rallied in support of the Choosing Wisely campaign. Nearly 80 medical societies are now part of the campaign and 500 recommendations on ways to curb overuse of healthcare services have been issued. Many health systems have also implemented Choosing Wisely principles at their organizations.

Despite efforts by stakeholders, progress to curb low-value care is bogged down by flawed approaches and stubborn cultural norms that encourage waste, according to the report.

“What we’ve learned is that it’s just really hard to change practice,” said Dr. Eve Kerr, one of the study’s authors and a professor in the department of internal medicine at the University of Michigan. “Medical professionals have been practicing one way for a long time and patients expect that kind of practice to change the paradigm,” Kerr said. “That doesn’t happen in five years.”

Physicians feel pressure to do unnecessary testing and other services because they don’t want to be hit with a malpractice suit. Other physicians feel they should abide by patient requests for more services to preserve the physician-patient relationship.

MRI contrast agent can damage the kidneys of patients who has cancer already and are terminally ill

Gadolinium-contrast toxicity in patients with kidney disease – NCBI

by MA Perazella – ‎2008 – ‎Cited by 98 – ‎Related articles

Gadolinium-contrast toxicity in patients with kidney disease: nephrotoxicity and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. Gadolinium is widely employed as a contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and has generally been considered to be safe.

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Symptoms associated with Gadolinium Toxicity « Gadolinium Toxicity

Symptoms are generally experienced at an acute level shortly after having a contrast MRI and at a chronic level for years following their last contrast MRI.

Gadolinium Toxicity « shedding light on the effects of retained …

As patients affected by Gadolinium Toxicity from contrast MRIs, we have … first realizes that thecontrast agent they received for an MRI may be the cause of their …

Toxicity of Gadolinium Deposition from MRI Contrast Agents …

Jan 8, 2016 – A recent review article by Ramalho et al summarizes the literature on gadolinium-basedcontrast agents or GBCAs that are administered for …

Left in the Brain: Potentially Toxic Residue from MRI… — ProPublica

Jun 11, 2015 – Left in the Brain: Potentially Toxic Residue from MRI Drugs … As ProPublica has reported, contrast agents like Omniscan had been on the …

Study raises questions about the safety of MRI contrast agent; authors …

Apr 6, 2016 – A comprehensive review of the known and potential risks of gadolinium toxicity commonly used as contrast agent in MRI scanning has been …

MRI Gadolinium Toxicity – Home | Facebook

shedding light on the effects of retained gadolinium from Contrast MRI … MRI Gadolinium Toxicityshared MRI Gadolinium Contrast Awareness’s post.

Gadolinium Toxicity From MRI Scans – Dr L Wilson


Gadolinium is a toxic metal that is used as a contrast medium to visualize the body tissues better during an MRI scan. Gadolinium is injected into the body before …


Connie’s comments:

We decided to not subject our father from chemo and radiation in his last stage of lung cancer. My client with pacreatic cancer have to be subjected to MRI every day at a learning hospital in the bay area. He died on his last week at the hospital.

Another client is still on many medications, in hospice care at home as his kidneys are only functioning 20% of the time.

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