Yesterday, I visited a client who spent 15 days in the hospital and was again back to ER this morn.  Iron and sugar are foods for bacteria. Pineapple fights virus. To cancel iron, whole foods rich in calcium,potassium and magnesium can help such as oranges, coconut water, bananas, pineapple, cooked greens, salmon, nuts and beans.

My 80 yr old mother prevented another knee infection by drinking lots of coconut water and other foods I  told her to eat such as banana hearts, taro, clams, papaya, mangoes, pickled green papaya and other local foods.

Before the real cold season start, spend more time in the sun and outdoors. Many homes in the bay are lack fresh air and are moldy and old.

When we become bed-ridden , our blood and muscles cannot fight the invading pathogens very well. Warm and loving massages and chicken soup (garlic, bone marrow) are what we get from our mothers and grandmas. And they worked. As we rest more, our bodies can clean and remove toxins.

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