The government , IHSS, pays $13 per hour minus some deductions, netting $11 to the caregiver. The caregiver is at times shouted at or hurt by the client who had a brain surgery and stroke.

Caregiving takes a lot of love and patience. One time, the client shouted 2 inches away from my ear as I changed her diapers on the bed. And another time, her long nails scratched my skin or my fingers being squeezed whenever she is angry.

How do we help teams of caregivers and agencies supplying caregivers? The government must not ask for $5400 for license but support more companies helping seniors. The government must give free health care to all caregivers not only those who applied for IHSS but anyone working or helping a senior.

homehero closed down and other residential home care who only had 2 clients in a 6-bed care home with a mortgage of $5000 per month.

Help the caregivers, help them live with affordable housing and health care and help them with their meager paycheck so that we can help more seniors.

Our future in senior care depends on all caregivers, the foot workers who ensure that seniors are fed, cleaned, massaged, exercised and their living condition cleaned and free from clutter. Caregivers can prevent emergencies and decrease hospital costs.