Cost of staying young and delaying aging


Having more time to relax and enjoy the culture and environment around you can delay the aging process. While doing that, you breath deeply and savor with all your senses things around you.

Note that sense of smell and taste are decreased with aging especially as Alzheimer or Parkinson’s disease progress.

You can walk and exercise every 4 hours and not be confined to a box and a chair. Email of stories how your parents or grandparents reached the age of 98+.


Average monthly cost of gym with gym coach at


Average daily cost of quality supplementation at

from AGELOC to Lifepak that reset gene expression to a younger you. Scanner (created by NIH) certified to increase your anti-oxidants level coupled with exercise, detoxing and destressing lifestyle (spending more time with social network, culture, environment) and eating whole foods. See Dr Oz Pharmanex scanner in YouTube. Email for free health coaching.

Average cost of the Stem Cell Aesthetics treatment at Goldenberg Dermatology in New York City, where patients are injected with umbilical-cord stem cells said to reverse signs of aging.

Cost of a full-day, full-body exam at the Health Nucleus clinic in San Diego. The service includes a 4D picture of the inside of your heart and genome sequencing.

Cost of a home cryotherapy chamber. It is believed that spending time in a nearly minus-300-degree Fahrenheit tank may reduce inflammation and improve immune function.

Cost of having your dead body cryopreserved in the hope that one day it will be possible to revive it.

ageloc r2 black hair 2



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