Practice making elongated vowels sound to become centered in your body, balance brain wabes and release fear and other emotions.

This practice helps your body especially the temporal lobe of the brain

Ah evokes a sense of relaxation…

Ee or Ay helps in concentration, releasing pain and anger…

Oh or Om warms skin temp and relax muscle tension


10 Toning Tips

1 Sit or lie down, close your eyes and relax your body
2 Take a deep breath, hold a moment and release
3 As you exhale, allow a quiet humming to occur as you push the breath out
4 Do this several times feeling your hum resonating deep inside
5 Inhale again and slowly exhale pushing out an AH vowel tone with the breath
6 Repeat as many times as you want focusing on love and your Heart Chakra
7 Play with the sound, Change the vowel tone to OH feeling your Power Center
8 Concentrate on the point between your eyebrows
9 Focus on your higher power, your angels, God or Nature
10 Feel the vibration of oneness as you breathe in the life force

Toning is a simple system using the breath and voice that has the effect of energizing and calming the body at the same time as well as centering and focusing the mind.  It requires no musical training, instruments or technology so it is the perfect tool to support your healing and going deeper into meditation.   As we learn to relax and calm the whirlpools of the mind, we are better able to support our well being.  We can use this system anytime we feel stress or want to calm our restless thoughts.

The mind is a very active system and in the busyness of our modern lives, we often need help in letting go of worrisome or troubling thoughts that have a tendency to repeat themselves as incessant tape loops.  Even if the thoughts aren’t negative, by their very repetition, they can wear us down.  We call it ‘monkey mind’ as it reminds us of a bothersome creature constantly nagging us to think thoughts that are unnecessary or harmful to our psyche.  The word ‘mantra’ in Sanskrit means ‘mind protection’ so by toning a sacred mantra, we are protecting our minds from our own negative interference.