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We need more women in politics

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Hillary Clinton Knows Who Can Succeed Her

The 2016 Election Discouraged Women From Running For Office, Too

I Faced Sexist Attacks Because of My Past. Here’s What I Want to Say to My Haters.

12 Absolutely Essential Things You Should Know About Running For Office

You Don’t Have to Be Born in America To Represent It With Pride

How I Ran For Office on a $1,000 Budget — and Won

8 Things I’ve Learned From Nearly 30 Years in Congress

I Got Rejected From Harvard. Then I Won a State Election.

Dear Conservative Women: I Want to See You on the Ballot, Too

How I Came Back Stronger After Losing a Major Election

Why Mothers Make Great Politicians

Dissatisfied With the Number of Women of Color in Office? You Can Help Change That.

When Someone Says, “It’s Not a Woman’s Job,” Prove Them Wrong

You Don’t Have to Quit Your Day Job to Be a Politician

The Heartbreaking Moment That Pushes Me to Keep Fighting In Politics


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