Random questions from viewers of http://www.clubalthea.com blog:

What made you start this blog?

My father died of lung cancer, I experienced homebirth with bay area midwives and most of my relatives died of heart disease. I also wanted to be healthy for my future grandchildren and that for many years, I do not have a medical health insurance so I have to take care of my own health in a cheaper way.

How did you take care of your health in a cheaper way?

I am very proactive and followed holistic preventive healing ways such as use of massage oils, essential oils, supplements, massage, exercise, dancing, and learning every day what works in healing and the recent research about health.

If you have cervical cancer in last stage, what would you do?

I have to research more about it but I want to kill cancer early. Every day, I tried to do some healing ways with the assumption that I have cancer cells sleeping inside. Thank God I do not have one yet but I wanted to help others in their journey.

How did you help those seniors in the last days of  their lives living with cancer, the pain and leaving their families?

With lots of hugs, massage, saying I love you, and just caring for them and being at their side.

What would you do that you so need now to gain more health?

I need to spend more relaxed me time, walk on the beach, dance more, savor the beauty of nature around the bay area and talk more with love ones and friends.

Connie Dello Buono

  • Former pharmacy technician instructor
  • Author of Birthing ways healing ways
  • Former childbirth educator
  • Was Residential care administrator for senior facilities in California
  • Senior care and geriatric caregiving trainer
  • Owner of Motherhealth bay area caregivers
  • Was Zumba dance teacher
  • Single
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