To NC.FIT cross fitters in the bay area,

Congrats for your nutrition score last month taken by me here at NC.FIT.  To guarantee a higher score (average score is 50k, antioxidant level in blood), visit this site for products certified by scanner to reset your gene expression to a younger you, do add colorful whole foods, adequate night time sleep and regular exercise in your routine:

I am a health coach and if you have any questions related to nutrition, I will try to get some answers for you or you can also visit my blog with over 9000 health tips.

I also emailed in case you know anyone who wants extra income in area of health as we use the scanner from Pharmanex, created by NIH to bring nutrition protocols to health offices and families.  Please send them my way.


Connie Dello Buono

  connie dello buono

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