The request comes after a report that the White House pressured the agency’s acting director to expel thousands of Hondurans.
Administrator Scott Pruitt’s announcement of unprecedented restrictions on outside advisers is estimated by one group to have the effect of tripling the number of industry and consulting-firm scientists serving as advisers while cutting academic researchers nearly by half.
Tony and John Podesta were the most powerful brother act in liberal politics since the Kennedys. But the past year has been brutal.
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The advice columnist takes your questions about the strange train we call life.
Raisman is the second member of the Fierce Five squad that won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics to say she was sexually abused.
The audience in a Kentucky courtroom watched transfixed as Abdul-Munim Sombat Jitmoud extended his forgiveness to the man complicit in the killing of his son.
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GOP leaders say CEOS, big donors support tax plan
Opinion | TL;DR: Memo to Trump: Beware Saudi Arabia’s reckless prince
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How to Adult: How not to get sick
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