Robert Reich just DECIMATED Trump’s tax plan

Robert Reich just DECIMATED Trump’s tax plan:
Robert Reich: The Republican tax designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to reward the Republican Party's donor class.
Connie, Robert Reich is right. We CAN’T let this budget pass!
But Paul Ryan is determined to push it through by Thanksgiving, and we’re running out of time to stop him.
If you agree with Robert Reich that the Republican tax plan MUST be stopped, sign your name:
The GOP tax plan is nothing short of a way to help their Big Money donors.
Medicare and Social Security could be GUTTED in order to finance huge tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy.
We can’t allow Trump and his corporate donors further rig our economy.
But Connie, we won’t be able to stop them alone. Sign your name if you agree that the GOP tax plan must be STOPPED:
-Progressive Caucus

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