Japan’s life expectancy is 85 and that of the Philippines is 65.

Air pollution, lack of social and health services , lack of parks, libraries and activities to promote well being, congestion in the city, lack of garbage and sanitation in some areas, over population, lack of spaces to plant, lack of government support for farmers, lack of family planning, lack of health education and many more.

Every child born by a mother is minus 5 years from her life. A mother of 12 works as a housemaid, washing clothes till dawn. A father could not find a job. More children are born because of lack of access to family planning, condoms. In the USA , there is Planned parenthood where you can get free condoms.

What do you think are the factors that contributed to low life expectancy in the Philippines?

Is it the consumption of pork?

Is is second hand smoking?

Is it that the price of chicken is cheaper than the price of fish?