We’re still in shock that a majority of California Republican members of Congress voted to pass Trump’s tax scam and sell out Californians to give corporations and the 1% a major tax cut. The good news is: we’re not alone. After posting this Facebook graphic calling out five Republicans in vulnerable seats that voted for the tax giveaway, over 1,700 people shared the graphic! 

Let’s keep up the momentum and educate as many Californians about these sinister five. 

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– Tim

Dear Connie,

On Thursday, November 16, the House of Representatives passed the Republican tax scam, a massive transfer of wealth to the nation’s biggest corporations and billionaires at the expense of American families.

Republicans from other high-tax states like New York and New Jersey opposed the legislation, arguing that it amounted to a massive tax hike on their constituents, but in California, the overwhelming majority of California’s Republican Congressional delegation voted for the bill. Including five Republicans in politically vulnerable seats: Reps. Ed Royce (CA-39), Mimi Walters (CA-45), Steve Knight (CA-25), David Valadao (CA-21) and Jeff Denham (CA-10).

We’re going to spend the next 24 hours making sure voters in their district and throughout the state know: We won’t forget this vote next November.

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The Trump-GOP plan is like the George W. Bush tax cuts on steroids. Here are just a few of the changes in store if this plan is signed by Donald Trump:

  • The corporate tax rate would be cut nearly in half.(1)
  • A key policy that helps keep insurance rates low, the “individual mandate,” would be eliminated if the Senate’s version of the bill passes.(2)
  • The wealthiest 1% would get a 5% tax cut.(3)
  • The 1% would no longer pay estate taxes or income taxes.(4)

And what happens to the rest of us? When Trump unveiled his “massive” tax cuts, his economic adviser bragged about how the typical American family would get a tax break of $1,000, which he said families could use to buy a new car or renovate their homes.(5)

Putting aside how incredibly out of touch the White House is about the current state of the economy — who can buy a new car for $1,000? — it turns out that the tax cut for the middle class is a lie. Serious policy analysts and think tanks have concluded that the rich will get most of the benefit, while middle class families will get shafted.(6)

Fifty-seven percent of Californians oppose the GOP tax bill. We need to do everything we can to hold the California representatives who voted for it accountable to their constituents.

Take a moment to call out these vulnerable five Republicans on Facebook.

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Yours in the fight for tax fairness,

Tim, along with Annie, Brenna, Caitlin, Eddie, Emma, Lindsay, Mahdi, Molly, MJ, Raquel, Scottie, Susannah, and William (the Courage team)

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Net neutrality

Corporations and the far-right are waging an unprecedented attack on our democracy — with Donald Trump’s help.

The Koch brothers are buying Time magazine. Sinclair is buying up dozens more TV stations so they can put more pro-Trump propaganda on your local news. Rupert Murdoch has said he wants to buy CNN.

That’s bad enough. Now Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T are working with Trump and his FCC to destroy a free and open Internet by repealing Net Neutrality rules.

The Internet has proven essential to progressive organizing. It’s an invaluable tool to those challenging white supremacy and corporate power by making it easier for more people to amplify their voice, even if they didn’t start out with the same power and privilege as rich white men. We cannot let Trump and his allies take that from us too.

A free and unlimited Internet is more important than ever as the extreme right are taking over the rest of the media. We need to fight back right now. Can you contact Congress and demand they reject any attack on Net Neutrality?

Yes, I will contact Congress to stop the corporate attack on a free and open Internet.

No, I can’t right now, but I will chip in $3 or more to help DFA elect progressives who will protect Net Neutrality.

Thank you for resisting the corporate attack on our Internet.

– Robert

Robert Cruickshank, Senior Campaign Manager
Democracy for America