This season, with less sunshine and less exercise , most seniors suffer from falls, aches and pains. With a caregiver beside her on 24/7 basis many emergencies can be avoided.

Below is my caregiving tips to one of the caregiver caring for our client who is ambulatory , had many heart surgeries, eats well and on oxygen 24/7.

1.Fall prevention:
Suggest to remove the small square table beside her bed or change to round one to avoid sharp objects when she falls from bed. Or perhaps put the pillow on the other side, with her feet towards the side where she always climb, positioning her in the middle with head by the window.
2. Potassium:
It is common for elderly to have low energy or faint during the morning due to lack of Potassium, which is a side effects of taking some medications or diet lacking in potassium (potassium rich are kiwi and bananas)
3. Whole foods:
Since she does not like veggies, a liquid soup cooked with veggies and served with no veggies can be a solution.
4. Kidneys:
Cranberry juice is always a preventive measures for kidney’s health.
5. Vitamin D
Sunshine is always good, although she is taking Vitamin D.
6. Liver
Protect liver which is directly connected to the heart with green juice but she is not fond of it.
7. Massage
During massage , use one directional motion. Eucalyptus oil added to her massage oil is good for her lungs.
8. Be observant on daily routine and know the signs of mini stroke, lung and kidney issues and heart health issues.
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