White House Plan: Replace Tillerson With C.I.A. Chief

    • The White House has developed a plan to replace Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. director, within the next several weeks.
    • Mr. Pompeo would be replaced by Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas.


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“Democrats are terrified of how popular and successful this tax plan will be. Pass the bill.”
— Walt Cuje, via Facebook


Trump Says Tax Bill Won’t Help Him. It Almost Surely Will.

The tax legislation hurtling through Congress this week seems almost tailor-made to benefit the president, our columnist writes, despite Mr. Trump’s claims that the bills are “not good for me.”


Alabama Democrat’s Push for Senate Seat Was No Accident

Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee for the Senate against Roy S. Moore in Alabama, spent years preparing to make a leap into elective office, building a web of relationships beyond his deep-red state.

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Video by BARBARA MARCOLINI and JIM RUTENBERG. Photo by From left: Theo Wargo/Getty; Richard Drew/AP; Richard Drew/AP

Is this the long-awaited reckoning that the corporate news media needs? Our media columnist, Jim Rutenberg, explains.

Matt Lauer Offers Apology (With a Caveat)

Mr. Lauer expressed “sorrow and regret” in his first public comments after NBC News fired the “Today” show anchor amid allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior with colleagues.


Why People Doubt Victims of Sexual Harassment

Some common reasons raised for doubt, like a long delay before speaking out or a hazy recall of timing, are exactly what experts say they would expect to see after a sexual assault.

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We look at President Trump’s role in the Republican tax plan and at the furor he set off by sharing extremist videos.


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