Trump nominee for federal judge has never tried a case 

Brett Talley isn’t just racist and misogynist — he’s never even tried a case!

Sign our petition right away to BLOCK his nomination:

Brett Talley is just the latest bigot that Trump has appointed to serve a lifetime appointment on the court.

His latest nominee, Brett Talley, is virulently anti-choice, and even claimed that Roe v. Wade is “indefensible.” 

And now we’ve learned that he has NO experience whatsoever!

We’re calling on Congress TODAY to stop this disturbing trend. We must block his nomination before it’s too late. Will you add your name immediately?

We won’t sugarcoat this: Brett Talley is a radical conservative extremist who poses a direct threat to our judicial system.

His racist and misogynistic ideals speak for themselves:

This is disgusting , connie.

Listen — with every bigoted nominee that Trump puts on the court, our rights are in even greater danger of being destroyed.

If we can’t count on our judicial system to defend Equality for every American, we don’t stand a chance.

We’re BEGGING: Will you sign our petition right away to block Brett Talley?

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