The Trump-Republican tax plan is monstrously unfair – and a vote on it could come today! Extremist Republicans are racing to push through a massive giveaway for big corporations and the wealthiest few, and forcing middle-class families to pay the price.

In Connecticut, 723,773 households deduct state and local taxes, with an average deduction of $19,664. The Republican plan eliminates this deduction, costing families real money.

And now they also want to repeal a key component of the Affordable Care Act to pay for it. The healthcare of 13 million Americans is at risk so that the least needy can have the greatest advantage. This is unfair and wrong.

This disastrous bill has already passed the House, and the Senate could vote on its own version as soon as today. With things moving fast, I need you to speak out and let me know what you think about the GOP’s tax bill.

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Thanks for speaking out.


Donald Trump called the GOP tax plan a holiday “gift” to our country. What he forgot to tell you is that the only ones receiving it are big corporations and the wealthiest few.Meanwhile American families will pay for the GOP “tax plan” with long nights, double shifts, and skipped vacations.

They’ll pay for it with bridges that crumble and schools that fail.They’ll pay for it with the lives of patients suffering from chronic illness.

They’ll pay for it with heartbreaking choices between food and rent.But Republicans won’t stop there.

They’ll cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid – without a second thought to how the millions of people who rely on that safety net are going to survive.And they’ll keep putting profits before people – unless we stop them. Unless we say, “This is not who we are. Not in our country.”

Our only choice is to raise our voices together and fight back. Donate today and let’s build a grassroots movement!

Joe Kennedy III