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Goodpasture syndrome is a rare but serious autoimmune disease that attacks thelungs and kidneys. The disease occurs when the body’s immune system mistakenly produces antibodies against collagen in the lungs and kidneys.Nov 7, 2016

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Pulmonaryrenal syndrome combines both diffuse alveolar hemorrhage (recurrent or persistent bleeding into the lungs) and glomerulonephritis (damage to the microscopic blood vessels in the kidneys in which people have body swelling, high blood pressure, and red blood cells in the urine).

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Goodpasture’s Syndrome. Goodpasture’s Syndrome is an uncommon autoimmune disease that affects both the kidneys and the lungs. An autoimmune disease means that the immune system, which usually protects the body from infection, attacks healthy parts of the body by mistake.

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In autoimmune disorders that involve the lungs, the immune system attacks and damages lung tissue. Different … Important lung autoimmune disorders include diffuse alveolar hemorrhage, which involves bleeding into the lungs, andpulmonaryrenal syndrome, which involves bleeding into the lungs pluskidney dysfunction.

Goodpasture Syndrome Overview: Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Nov 7, 2016 – Researchers do not fully understand why the immune system attacks collagen in the lungsand kidneys. Goodpasture syndrome can run in families. So some researchers believe it may have a genetic component. Other factors that may increase the risk of Goodpasture syndrome include: Exposure to certain …

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Vasculitis is an autoimmune condition—a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the body’s own cells and organs—that involves inflammation in the blood vessels and can cause similarlung and kidney problems. Goodpasture syndrome is sometimes called anti-GBM disease. However, anti-GBM disease is …

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It includes glomerulonephritis, bleeding in the lungs, and a problem with your immune system that causes it to attack the tiny filters in your kidneys and the tissue in your lungs. The damage to yourkidneys can lead to chronic kidney disease and kidney failure. If Goodpasture syndrome is not diagnosed and treated quickly, …

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Aug 1, 2017 – Goodpasture syndrome is an autoimmune disorder. It occurs when the immune systemmistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue. People with this syndrome develop substances that attack a protein called collagen in the tiny air sacs in the lungs and the filtering units (glomeruli) of the kidneys.

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An autoimmune disorder is an illness in which the body begins to attack its own healthy cells, producing inflammation and an overproduction of collagen, a naturally occurring protein that helps make up connective tissue and maintain skin elasticity. While some autoimmune diseases attack a specific part of the body, many …

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Goodpasture’s syndrome is an unusual autoimmune disorder that can cause lung disease and chronickidney disease (CKD). A healthy immune system produces antibodies to fight off germs and bacteria. In Goodpasture’s syndrome, the immune system makes antibodies that attack healthy protein called collagen in the air …

Goodpasture Syndrome: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Jan 11, 2016 – Goodpasture syndrome is a rare condition that occurs when your immune system attacks the walls of your lungs and the tiny filtering units in your kidneys.