New Robert Reich book

Connie —

Donald Trump’s racist comments decrying immigrants from “shithole countries” continue to reverberate across the country and around the globe.

Worse still, some Republican Senators who heard what Trump said have subsequently tried to cover for Trump by suddenly developing short-term memory loss and claiming they could not recall his remarks.

We cannot allow Donald Trump to continue to distort our culture and divide our country. 

Reversing this damage to our culture and country is what drives a brand new book — “The Common Good” — by Robert Reich, a friend of Democracy for America and a critical ally over the years. Democracy for America members have collaborated often with the former Secretary of Labor, including organizing more than 700 watch parties in support of his breakthrough documentary film “Inequality for All” in 2014.

In “The Common Good,” which will be released in February, Robert Reich takes a deep look at the assault on truth, the media, and our democratic norms. If you need an enlightening and informative antidote to Trumpism, Reich’s new book is a must-read guide for understanding — and changing — the toxic trends threatening our democracy.

The best part? You can pre-order a copy of Robert Reich’s new book now and — at the same time — support Democracy for America’s critical election work to win control of Congress in 2018 and hold Trump accountable. 

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In Donald Trump’s xenophobic worldview, all of our problems can be traced back to scapegoats: Muslims, immigrants, Black people… the list goes on and on. Trump was elected by preying upon the worst instincts of Americans, fueling hatred of a perceived “other.”

Even as Trump’s racism infects and divides our country, we are witnessing an unprecedented grassroots response in resistance. In the last year, thousands of people have flooded airports across the country to protest Trump’s Muslim ban, Dreamer activists and allies have put their bodies on the line at congressional office protests, and Black voters in Alabama surged to the polls to defeat bigot Roy Moore, a Senate candidate in Trump’s mold.

The ugliness of the Trump presidency is awakening a massive counter movement capable of ushering in a renewed commitment to a common good.

Robert Reich’s “The Common Good” brilliantly describes this vision for renewal in a powerful, urgent, and critical call-to-action for this political moment — and you can reserve a copy right now.

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Thank you for supporting Robert Reich’s new book and helping DFA elect strong progressive Democrats who can win control of Congress and hold Donald Trump accountable.

– Eden

Eden James, Political Director
Democracy for America