Hospice RNs or visiting nurses

They are an important team member ensuring communication between the doctor and the patient.

In home health caregivers

They provide 24 hour care ensuring the wishes of the client, family and nurse are executed. They treat patients like family. Beside their clients bed, they provide comforting hands and presence and provide peace to the dying.

Hospice companies

They coordinate care with the insurance companies, hospitals and care team.



One hospice nurse referred us to a client in San Mateo who is only few weeks to live. She has ovarian cancer and diabetes. Her family is by her side but they need a caregiver at night.  I massaged her legs with turmeric and coconut oil. I can see the dark purple veins disappear for a short while. Later on few hours before she died, her left foot turned black.

She is anxious at night and I trained our caregiver how to comfort her from the sound of the voice, massage and presence. She lived for more than a week even when the doctor said she has few days to live. The family later on thanked all the caregivers by calling them in the church during the mass.

Caregivers become attached to their clients as they care for them like family.

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