Dreamers deserve to live in the only place they call home – J Kennedy

Congressman Joe Kennedy is speaking out for DREAMers:
'Call them DREAMers. Call them Americans. Call them human beings who deserve to live in the only place they call home.' - Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy is 100% right, Connie!
If you agree with Joe Kennedy and want to protect DREAMers, sign your name:
Donald Trump is ending DACA, threatening over 8OO,OOO young Americans with deportation.
And now Trump is holding DREAMers’ futures hostage in exchange for a costly and ineffective border wall!
DREAMers do NOT deserve to be ATTACKED by Trump and used as bargaining chips for an ineffective wall.
Congress needs to stand up and protect DREAMers from Donald Trump! If you agree, sign your name right away:
Thank you,
-Democratic Leadership

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