How I have lucid dreams and restful sleep with deep breathing and AgeLOC Youth

I have been experimenting and trying new ways to have restful sleep or uninterrupted sleep at night.

Two things helped me during the last 3 nights giving me lucid dreams and restful sleep:

AgeLOC Young supplement and deep breathing (breathing in through your nose and slowly exhaling through your mouth.

is where you can order AGELOC Youth and add other supplements here like Lifepak. This red colored capsule is slowly changing my hair color to black and my dreams are more lucid, giving me restful sleep. My brain is getting younger.  Join me to share this with others and enter the sponsor code: USW9578356 at

During the day, I drink more and drink less at night.

Last week, there are other supplements that I take every other day such as melatonin, Vitamin B complex, probiotic, digestive enzymes, Omega 3, Vitamin D and few times a week – Activated charcoal.

I went back to my 30-min cross fit gym after being absent due to my Philippine vacation and flu. I use rest, lemon, honey, ginger, garlic and onions for my flu.


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AgeLOC Youth for Cognitive Health

What is cognitive reserve?

Image: Bigstock

An important concept that is crucial to the understanding of cognitive health is known as cognitive reserve. You can think of cognitive reserve as your brain’s ability to improvise and find alternate ways of getting a job done. Just like a powerful car that enables you to engage another gear and suddenly accelerate to avoid an obstacle, your brain can change the way it operates and thus make added recourses available to cope with challenges. Cognitive reserve is developed by a lifetime of education and curiosity to help your brain better cope with any failures or declines it faces.


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