How to save one third of your income each month

In Silicon Valley, it is difficult to save. Some people work 2 to 3 jobs to save and live comfortably. Make a list before bedtime of things you can do to save money and make more money. Find creative ways to increase your business income , your skills or your current job. Network and be open for opportunities. Receiving your social security early can have some benefits. Find a hobby that you like and find ways to earn from it. Share your space. If you are a senior and needs a caregiver part time, you can call 408-854-1883 to share your space for caregiving discount.

Divide 4 categories to allocate money to every month.

  1. Survival – which covers food, house rent. Start preparing your food for the week every Sunday. Find produce during the season.

  2. Transport – car. Some people use public transport and Uber to save at least $6000 a year

  3. All things medical and optional, gifts, eating out in restaurants, clothes, etc

  4. Savings: Force a direct transfer from your paycheck to your retirement account. If you are over 50 yrs old, put more. Stay in less risky investment in your retirement accounts. Monitor regularly.


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