Washington Post 1-23-2018

Gov. Matt Bevin said the suspected shooter, a 15-year-old boy, was in custody and will be charged with murder and attempted murder.
In pressing for aggressive, accelerated cleanups of toxic waste sites, the EPA chief is butting heads with companies while siding at times with local environmental groups.
The House Ethics Committee is investigating the Pennsylvania Republican, who said he never sought a sexual relationship with the woman who worked for him at the time.
The Daily 202


The left learned that it cannot beat President Trump by copying the same playbook that the right used against Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.
The plaza in front of the Western Wall, which is currently under the authority of an ultra-Orthodox foundation, is divided by gender. The female journalists were unable to see above the cameras and microphones held by their male colleagues.
What looked like electrical tape on Brady’s injured hand was really kinesiology tape designed to relieve pain and support muscles, tendons and ligaments. How it came to the New England Patriots quarterback is a wild story.


A Mississippi man is asking that the federal government modify food-stamp rules to make it easier for low-income people to buy food for their pets.
(Jorge Ribas/The Washington Post)
Davos Notebook: It’s all about the snow, #metoo and Trump as the World Economic Forum kicks off
Female reporters separated from male colleagues as Pence visits Western Wall
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‘Get Out’ is the Oscar nominee everyone wanted, plus other highlights
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Who is Andrew McCabe?
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Being Maame: This is how the youngest U.S. Olympics speed skater prepares to win
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