The brain can heal

The brain is neuroplastic. How we eat, sleep and what we ate affects our brain. Our unique genetic code interacts with the environment affecting our brain. Heal your brain to heal your body. Life experiences, stress, trauma and other social factors affect our brain.

The mind influences the body. Food allergies and metabolic imbalances affect our mood and mind. Exercise burns stress chemicals and hormones in our body.  Strengthen your immune system to make your brain stronger.

For seniors, review your medications with your doctors. Motherhealth caregivers provide holistic approach to caregiving.


Episode 1b: The Broken Brain Epidemic [YouTube]

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Cath K wrote:

I myself undertook a wellness journey five years ago after being diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes. My doctor wanted to put me on a number of medications, but I started a clean diet along with exercise and was able to lose 60 pounds and get those numbers to the ideal range. I follow an Eat to Live (Dr. Fuhrman) type diet now and have maintained, even improved my health at age 57. I am now a runner and practice yoga. The part that surprises me the most is that my mental health has improved so much. The depression that plagued me from my teen aged years on has totally disappeared. My mind feels much clearer and my memory has improved. I am passionate about what a healthy lifestyle can do and am even considering changing my profession from education to lifestyle coaching.

Connie D wrote:

At 56 years of age, I can feel the effects of various foods, sleep patterns, stress and exercise to my body on a daily basis. I have been researching how to heal my body to help myself, my family and relatives with heart health issues.  Growing up, there is always pork, sugar, toxins, air pollution and bad habits that can affect my health and quality of life. I can now pinpoint which lifestyle changes can heal my body.






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