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REACH OUT TO CONGRESS: Ask them to put the science back in “science” and HIRE QUALIFIED SCIENCE LEADERSHIP!

Vote for Science

Over the past year, we’ve watched a steady stream of anti-science policies passed in the U.S. both on a federal and state level. At the same time, the current administration and Congress have consistently placed individuals with little to no science background – and, still worse, people who actively reject the scientific consensus on important scientific issues like climate change – in critical science leadership and advisory roles. A year into this administration, many critical roles remain unfilled, or have been filled by unqualified appointees.

You can keep fighting for science this month by joining us as we advocate to put qualified scientists in scientific leadership roles!

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Why Scientific Integrity is Important

Scientific integrity is the ability and responsibility to perform, use and share objective and clear science without censorship or political interference. That means scientists have the right – and responsibility – to communicate their research to the public and among themselves independently, accurately, and without threat. Supporting scientific integrity is how we ensure that we’re basing decisions on scientific knowledge insulated from bias, falsification, or personal interests.

Scientists follow rules as part of the scientific method – when we protect the ability and responsibility of science defined by those roles, we get science driven by integrity, not special interests.
And that is why protecting scientific integrity is crucial. We need to explore ideas without censorship, diminishment, or limitations. Our future depends on it. 

Advocating for qualified scientific leadership is a key step in championing scientific integrity. Join us!

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