Connie — this is HEART-STOPPING:

Donald Trump is using his Twitter to threaten North Korea with nuclear war.

So Joe Biden is CALLING him OUT:

Joe Biden: We've never been closer to nuclear's just dangerous.Joe Biden is RIGHT! Trump’s rash behavior puts MILLIONS of lives at risk across the globe.

That’s why Progressive Caucus members introduced a bill to strip Trump of his nuclear authority.


But in order to pass this vital bill, we need 30,000 signatures to push Congress into action.

Connie, the consequences are too dire not to act.

So please, sign your name to demand Congress REVOKE Trump’s access to nuclear weapons:

Revoke Trump's nuclear authority: SIGN YOUR NAME →When nuclear weapons were put under the authority of the President, we assumed the office holder would be competent and rational.

But Donald Trump is abusing his authority in order to fluff his own ego, and intimidate world leaders.

His reckless behavior threatens to annihilate millions of lives on the Korean peninsula, and endanger countless others.

We have a moral responsibility to stop him — while we still can.

So Connie, sign your name right now to stand with us and demand that Congress REVOKE Trump’s nuclear authority:


Thank you for taking a stand.

-Progressive Caucus