I will start from home. My employees will be paid well with incentives to be healthy. Health insurance shall include many preventive health care from acupuncture, massage to free massage oil and nutritional supplements. I will offer healthy meals and free visits to complimentary and alternative medicine such as chiropractor, gym and health coaches.

There will be continuum of care from newborn to age 100 where health data can be tracked. There will be less medications but more on preventive and healing ways from exercises, sleep tools and more.

I will offer healthy and affordable tiny homes situated close to work to cut the need for longer commutes. Within the community, I will support other business and institutions such as day care, local parks and restaurants, and arts.

A community where sharing and volunteerism are rewarded and a 6- hour work day is the norm.

Residential care homes for the elderly will be close to day care and music/art center to provide a holistic environment for each member. Each one can be a mother or daughter for an hour to care for the young and old.

There are no boundaries. I will imitate what works in Europe and other countries with free health care and more healthy population. I will curb air pollution and toxic environment.  There will be no food wastage from farm to table. Each farmer supports a community. Each community can then impact a healthy environment for all.