Democrats should take Trump’s immigration deal seriously

Parts of it stink, but we’re long overdue for a more coherent immigration policy.

  • Michael W. Doyle
  • ·
  • 3 hours ago

Joe Kennedy is a poor choice for the Democrats’ response

A curious selection to deliver the State of the Union response proves the party is out of touch with voters.

  • Michael Steel
  • ·
  • 3 hours ago

A year later, Trump’s rejection of the TPP is still a disaster

The move was contrary to U.S. interests.

‘I don’t know what the hell happened’: Michael Steele on the GOP under Trump

“I know that’s not my party. I know that’s not conservatism. I know that’s not Republicanism.”

With nuclear weapons, we’re getting too comfortable thinking the unthinkable

The Trump administration may expand the circumstances under which the U.S. might use them. That’s wrong.

  • Richard A. ClarkeSteven Andreasen
  • ·
  • 8 hours ago

We asked Post readers what the state of the union is. Here’s what they said.

Before the president speaks, Post readers have their say.

On Tuesday night, Trump will double down on his broken promises

The victories he will celebrate in his State of the Union speech aren’t victories for working people.

A new Trump is not possible

His inoffensive speech at Davos is not the pivot you’ve been waiting for.

How Trump handles scandal: Conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory

The State of the Union will be a foundational test of Trump’s ideas on scandal management.

Trump’s immigration ‘compromise’ is a trick

Democrats shouldn’t fall for it.

Trump is trying to Make America White Again

It’s laid out in his immigration plan.

Chuck Schumer: What I’m listening for in Trump’s State of the Union

Democrats want to work with President Trump to rebuild America’s infrastructure.

  • Chuck Schumer
  • ·
  • 1 day ago
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From the Czech Republic, a warning for our midterms: The Russians are still meddling

Milos Zeman’s victory raises new red flags about upcoming elections.

How Trump could shift from divider to national unifier: Save the ‘dreamers’

The president could seal a deal on the “dreamers” and put what’s right ahead of politics.

In a house fire, America loses a devoted servant

Ed Lorenzen was a principled policy stalwart who worked behind the scenes to keep the country solvent.

President Trump (Evan Vucci/Associated Press); Robert Mueller (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)
President Trump (Evan Vucci/Associated Press); Robert Mueller (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)
Control of Congress could determine whether Trump faces any direct consequences from the special counsel investigation.
  • 3 hours ago

The state of the union is weird

In just the past month, the Trump White House has increased its pressure on the Department of Justice to bend to his will on investigations into the FBI.

If governments can’t make nice on the Internet, they’ll endanger all of us

Local lawmakers can’t solve international problems.

  • Douglas Frantz
  • ·
  • 12 hours ago

A very important post about … why television revivals are not the worst

A mild defense of television revivals.

The economic boom is all well and good. But spreading its benefits to everyone will take serious work.

A public service reminder that it will take more than “synchronized global growth” to reach the middle-class and the poor.

I started my own business and still couldn’t escape the barriers to working moms

How the ‘maternal wall’ keeps getting in the way

  • Amy Nelson
  • ·
  • 1 day ago

Great moments in past State of the Union addresses, real and fictional

What to read and watch to prep for President Trump’s speech Tuesday

  • Ted Widmer
  • ·
  • 4 days ago

Pakistan’s prime minister defends his country from Trump’s tweet

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi says his country is fighting terrorism.

  • Lally Weymouth
  • ·
  • 4 days ago

How to work for a president who loathes the civil service

Maintaining integrity in the government under Trump takes careful planning.

  • Nancy McEldowney
  • ·
  • 4 days ago

How the Mom Internet became a spotless, sponsored void

Gritty blogs have given way to staged Instagram photos.

Letting people vote at home increases voter turnout. Here’s proof.

Changing the way we cast ballots should appeal to both major parties.

  • Gilad EdelmanPaul Glastris
  • ·
  • 4 days ago

State-run economies increasingly adore the free market

It’s the best way they’ve found to advance their interests.

  • Nicholas Borroz
  • ·
  • 4 days ago

Yes, Trump can fire Mueller. But a normal president would know not to try it.

Our constitutional system relies on character and judgment as much as on legal limits. It’s being tested.

  • Neal Katyal
  • ·
  • 4 days ago

Secretary Mnuchin made a perfectly reasonable point about the dollar. Then everyone freaked out.

Treasury officials always say that the U.S. supports a strong dollar. But it’s not true, and good for Mnuchin for saying so.

We already have a wall. If it’ll save DACA, just let Trump buy a new one.

It’s a deal point that Democrats shouldn’t hesitate to give the president.

  • Zachary Karabell
  • ·
  • 4 days ago

Why I left my corporate legal job to work full-time on #MeToo

Change will only come through grass-roots organizing.

  • Ally Coll Steele
  • ·
  • 5 days ago

Why it costs so much to be poor in America

Bank of America’s new fees for customers with low balances are one of many penalties people pay for being poor.

  • Karen Weese
  • ·
  • 5 days ago

How to fight mass surveillance even though Congress just reauthorized it

What the battle looks like after Section 702’s reauthorization.

  • Bruce Schneier
  • ·
  • 5 days ago

The five most important public intellectuals in America today

Here are the five intellectuals who I think command the most influence regardless of their institutional attachments.

Obama’s ISIS policy is working for Trump

There’s a middle ground between going all in and getting all the way out in Iraq and Syria. Obama struck that balance and Trump has stuck with it.

  • Ilan GoldenbergNicholas A. Heras
  • ·
  • 5 days ago