Republican House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes has shown himself to be a threat to national security, the constitutional separation of powers, and the rule of law itself.

He cannot be trusted with classified information or to protect the public interest and he should be removed from the Intelligence Committee without delay.

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Democratic leaders, including Minority Leaders Schumer and Pelosi, have now joined our call for Speaker Ryan to remove Nunes.

House Republicans are acting as though they’re Trump’s official “Cover Up Caucus” and Speaker Ryan needs to rein them in — especially GOP members of the House Intelligence Committee, who are doing everything they can to promote false conspiracy theories (like with the infamous Nunes memo) and interfere with the Russia investigation.

It’s a shocking abdication of their oath of office, and Rep. Nunes is hardly the only guilty Republican, but he has been one of the clearest examples of how they’re carrying Trump’s water and acting in egregiously unethical and dishonest ways to do it.

Nunes wrote the memo that Trump’s own Justice Department and his own recently appointed FBI director are warning against releasing in large part due to problems with its “accuracy.” The White House is now expected to release that sham memo, but it turns out that even after House members reviewed the memo and Republicans on the Intel Committee voted to release it, Nunes “materially altered” the memo’s contents before giving it to the White House!

This is someone who seems to think the normal rules don’t apply to him and he’ll do anything to suck up to and protect this president.

Nunes has crossed too many lines and his actions can in no way be justified. Speaker Ryan needs to take some control and he needs to start by removing Nunes from the Intelligence Committee.

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— Ben Betz, Digital Advocacy Director

P.S. Every day that goes by without Speaker Ryan removing Nunes is another day that Ryan is breaking his own oath of office. Whenever Ryan wants to, he can stop the extremists in his caucus from waging war on checks and balances and obstructing justice.

Ryan has the ability to break any number of impasses in the House of Representatives on so many legislative priorities, including passage of the DREAM Act … but over and over again, he is choosing not to act as “the adult in the room” and to instead put party over country in a manner more dangerous than anything we’ve seen in at least several generations.

Speaker Ryan needs to get his House in order, stand up for our democracy and the rule of law, and serve the interests of all Americans by removing Devin Nunes from the Intelligence Committee.

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