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New York Times 2-2-2018

 Trump Jab at F.B.I. Sets Stage for Release of G.O.P. Memo

  • An early-morning tweet reinforced reports that President Trump is seeking to clean house in the F.B.I. and the Justice Department by allowing the release of a secret memo on the F.B.I.’s role in the Russia inquiry.
  • The House was scheduled to hold a brief session at 4:30 on Friday afternoon, which could provide the necessary venue to make the memo public.


Mr. Nunes claimed he had been given reports that President Trump and his associates were incidentally swept up in foreign surveillance by American spy agencies during the campaign. CreditDoug Mills/The New York Times

Nunes Now Seen as Hero of the Hard Right

As House Intelligence Committee chairman, Representative Devin Nunes has won praise from party members he once called “lemmings in suicide vests.”


Why Pay Has Been Lagging as Job Growth Continues

Average hourly earnings were 2.9 percent higher in January than a year earlier, a hopeful sign that wages might be gaining traction in a tight labor market. Their stubborn failure to do so is one of the mysteries of a recovery now in its ninth year.



Victims’ Father Lunges at Larry Nassar in Court

Randall Margraves had been standing next to his daughters in Eaton County Circuit Court in Charlotte, Mich., as they gave statements about the former sports medicine doctor’s sexual abuse.

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Listen to ‘The Daily’: Talking With Scott Pruitt

Mr. Pruitt, the E.P.A. chief, has been cast by environmentalists as an ideologue on a mission to destroy the very agency he runs. But he sees it differently.

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Making a Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico

Dozens of entrepreneurs, made newly wealthy by virtual currencies, have moved to the island to avoid taxes on their fortunes — and to build a society that runs on blockchain.

The Elegant Relic of Restaurant Row

Barbetta, with its jewelry-box décor and European roots, has been a Manhattan theater district institution for more than a century. But is there a future for old-fashioned fine dining?


Your Train Is Delayed. Why?

New York City subways have the worst on-time performance of any major rapid transit system in the world. This is the story of how we ended up in a state of emergency.

What on Earth Is Going On?

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Baldwin Skewers Trump. What About Allen?

Alec Baldwin’s recent attack on Dylan Farrow, who has accused Woody Allen of abuse, has drawn sharp criticism. Some viewers say his words undercut his Trump satire.

  • Amid Humane Society resignations, a board member defended its C.E.O., who is accused of harassment: “Women should be able to take care of themselves.”

  • There is no crystal ball in “The Simpsons” writers’ room, but you’d be forgiven for wondering. The show predicted President Trump, along with a slew of other events.

  • The air search for a ferry from Kiribati that sank with more than 80 people aboard was called off almost a week after seven survivors were found in a dinghy.

  • Two types of gut microbes can combine to cause colon cancer, a study suggests. This adds to evidence that gut bacteria can modify the body’s immune system in unexpected ways.

  • Almost four decades after Natalie Wood drowned, her death has been reclassified as “suspicious.” Her former husband, Robert Wagner, is now a “person of interest.”

    The Associated Press
  • A new Welsh law prohibits those under 18 from piercing their tongues or “intimate” body parts.

  • A Wisconsin teenager has been sentenced to 40 years in a mental hospital. At age 12, she and another girl stabbed a friend 19 times to please the fictional character Slender Man.

  • An emergency medical technician’s testimony about the moments before the fatal shooting of a 66-year-old woman by a police sergeant differs sharply from an official account.

  • D-Day plane returned to the skies on Wednesday, its first flight in years. “That’s All, Brother” led hundreds of planes into Normandy during World War II.

  • After a decades-long battle, Canada’s Senate approved changing the words of “O Canada,”the national anthem, to make the English-language version gender neutral.

  • Nicholas von Hoffman has died at 88. In columns and books, he examined American politics and culture from a left-wing perspective over five decades.

  • The Department of Homeland Security has new training software for teachers. It puts them inside a virtual school with a roaming active shooter.

  • One of the biggest Washington mysteries since President Trump took office is solved. Michelle Obama has finally revealed what was in the blue Tiffany box from Melania Trump.

  • Sensing a threat to press freedom, a foundation will archive content from Gawker, and similar websites, that it thinks could be defanged by wealthy buyers.

  • So your iPhone battery has slowed down. Here’s what to do when the wait for new batteries is equally slow.

  • Trump’s environmental rollbacks were fast. But experts say many were made without fully considering the laws governing changes, making them vulnerable to legal challenges.

  • Months after its massive security breach, Equifax introduced an app that allows people to lock access to their credit files. It didn’t work.

  • Once soccer’s brightest young player, Martin Odegaard joined Real Madrid as a teenager. But with playing time hard to come by, he moved to the Netherlands, seeking a smaller stage.

  • As President Trump looks ahead to 2020, about 25 percent of his re-election campaign’s spending continues to go to law firms responding to the Russia inquiry.

  • Turmoil over gender inequities in pay at the BBC spilled into Parliament, where managers were criticized in a hearing.

  • Amazon wants to disrupt health care in the United States. In China, tech giants already have. Some firms are looking to build hospitals with artificial intelligence.

  • People are spending less time on Facebookas it changes its News Feed. But don’t worry, the company told Wall Street, less can be more.

  • Investors fear that the prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are being propped up by an exchange with a history of hacks and opaque business practices.

  • The Trump administration has formally suspended a bitterly contested Obama-era clean water rule ahead of plans to issue its own version later this year.

  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency said it wasn’t cutting off food and water aid to Puerto Rico. A Wednesday cutoff date had been publicized in error, the agency said.

  • Imports from China gave rise to the dynamics that led to President Trump’s election, our columnist writes. Artificial intelligence could provide the next wave.

  • Already sentenced for sexual abuse, Larry Nassar, the former doctor for U.S.A. Gymnastics, appeared again in court for sentencing in a similar case.

  • We said to Generation Z: Pick a better name.Thousands of readers chimed in. Memelords? Generation Fix-It? Thumbies? The Scapegoats? Spimes? Deltas?

  • “House of Cards” will introduce Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear as new characters in the show’s final season as it tries to move past Kevin Spacey’s sexual misconduct scandal.

  • After nearly a year of legal drama, a jury will soon hear arguments in Waymo’s high-profile lawsuit accusing Uber of stealing driverless car technology.



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