I have been massaging her feet with oil with added essential oils of lemon grass, eucalyptus and other oils.

After a week, she sweat a lot and has now energy and back to her work.

I have been giving her whole foods and supplementation such as potassium, activated charcoal, Likepak from http://www.nuskin.com (use sponsor ID USW9578356) , omega 3, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C and D.

She rested for a while eating soups most of the time and hydration. I bought green smoothie and juice of pineapple, orange and banana.

I also bought plantains, asparagus, onions, garlic and fish (wild).

Her doctor confirmed what I suspected she had , a virus, from her travelling for 12 hours in the plane with many sick people.

So wash your hands, rest and eat well.