She was taking 2 kinds of anti-hypertensive medication, aspirin and antibiotic. She was constipated and in pain. Twelve years ago, she had a hip replacement. After our care , she is only on one anti-hypertensive med.

We massaged her back, legs and feet every night with oil of eucalyptus, lemon grass and apricot oil. In her water, we added lemon. For constipation, we have fruit juice of prunes, carrot, pomengranate, half a tsp of apple cider vinegar and pinch of baking soda. We warm it and added a little brown sugar.

We cooked her fish, tomatoes and other foods she is used to eat. In her house, there is no filtered water and it is dusty since it is 60 years old.

She was a gymnast and a dancer and loves music. She now spends a few minutes in the sun during the noon and afternoon hours for her walk using her walker.

She needs a companion, so when our one month contract expired, her daughter got her a companion with free room and a small allowance.

We hugged and kissed goodbye. Now she is pain free.