Do you like the smell of the hospital?

If you are recovering from your illness, it is best to stay at home in the company of a caring caregiver.

The brain is influenced by the smell of our environment. Some carbon monoxide poisoning and other toxic chemicals affect our brain. Some essential oils can influence our brain. Can you heal your cells from the aroma of various plants and oils?

I use lavender essential oils to our senior clients to calm them during the massage. I cooked cinnamon, vanilla and rosemary in many dishes to increase appetite.


Image shows a fat mouse and a thin mouse.


According to a new study, your sense of smell could be responsible for weight gain. Using mice, researchers noticed that those who lost their sense of smell also lost weight, while those mice with a super sense of smell gained more weight on a high fat diet than mice with a regular sense of smell. Findings suggest odor may play an important role in calorie burning processes; if you can’t smell your food, you may burn it rather than store it. READ MORE…