Smart pills can be a product of the food, lifestyle, emotions, environment, dietary supplements and other unknown factors to prolong aging and quality of life.

I believed that health starts with the diet and lifestyle of the mother 3 months before you are concieved.

Email for a personalized healthy regimen with consideration on where and how you live, dietary supplements, foods and current health issues.

I always ask if you mother breastfed you and if you are a military veteran. Your stress level and if there if filtered water in your house. Sunshine exposure and other factors I consider important in your overall health.

Virus from molds, fungus and other environmental stressors can be the root cause of many health issues. Stress and lack of exercise or sunshine can help inflammation to spread.

Inadequate sleep and diet lacking in Vitamin C , B and D can also impair the body’s ability to heal.

We train caregivers in the bay area to consider all these factors when caring for our senior population. We incorporate massage, music, exercise, gourmet cooking and a caring companion to lessen anxiety and ease the pain of older adults with health issues needed 24/7 care at home.